INOGEN ONE G4 Portable Oxygen Sale – $59/Month Change Your Oxygen, Change Your Life!

6″ wide – 3″ deep – 7″ high

2.8 pounds (with single battery)

Delivery of 3 flow settings

AC home power supply (auto sensing to allow worldwide use) and DC automobile power supply

Choice of batteries, 2 hour or 5 hour

40 decibels (at setting 2)

FAA Aproved for Airline Travel


Retail Price $2,744
Please call to receive clinical information on the G4 vs the G5 and ROVE6

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator 3 FLOW SETTINGS
  • Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • AC Wall Power Supply – Converts to overseas power
  • Car Power Supply – Charges battery while you use it
  • Easy-to-Read Lighted LCD Display
  • Constant Oxygen Purity Monitoring
  • Ultra-Soft Nasal Cannulas
  • Lifetime Tech Support
  • Complete Travel Concentrator

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This includes the oxygen delivery system and other related oxygen accessories required to deliver the oxygen to you.

We’ll work directly with your doctor, Medicare, and your insurance company.

You may have been told by your homecare provider that Medicare does not cover portable oxygen concentrators or that they simply do not carry them. You’ll rarely be given a full explanation.


No, Medicare will not purchase a portable oxygen concentrator. They only provide a monthly benefit for oxygen equipment.

No, Medicare will not cover a portable oxygen concentrator in addition to the oxygen tanks you most likely already receive. They don’t pay more money for more equipment.

Yes, your Medicare oxygen benefit covers the cost of oxygen. However, the portable oxygen benefit can be satisfied with larger gaseous tanks or a portable oxygen concentrator.

No, most homecare providers do not choose to provide a portable concentrator. Since they receive the same amount of reimbursement from Medicare for a portable concentrator as they would for an oxygen tank.

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